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Come To The Table

In the age of 3-d modeling and mass overseas production we think we make something that stands out not just because of  the beauty of the antique woods we use but also because of how it is made and brought into being; skilled hands, with artists eyes, one piece at a time.

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We call ourselves 

The Handmade Table

for a reason...

Everything we make is

made the old fashion way;

slowly, simply, by hand.

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"An essential element of any art is risk. If you don’t take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn’t been seen before?"

-Francis Ford Coppola

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The Handmade Table offers a variety of reclaimed, handmade furniture that is historically accurate. The age of our material is before the industrial revolution, meaning everything you see has been handcrafted since the beginning. While some say our work is considered mid century modern, we love bringing history back to life in every piece of furniture we make no matter the style. From farmhouse tables to charcuterie boards, you can trust us to find material rich in history to make a unique piece of furniture.

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