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Farm & Harvest

Historically accurate farm tables made from all antique materials -  handmade, no stains, all original patina, pegged,  mortise and tenon joinery. Much character and perhaps the best farm table available.

One piece, one time.



Keeping alive perhaps the oldest table design in the world. Antique tops from one to three inches thick. Numerous trestle designs borrowed from early Italian, French and Greek styles from primitive to the baroque . One piece, one time.

Thick Top

Heavily made with stunning antique tops that are always over an inch thick.  The materials used for these tops are typically pre 1880’s in age and are of a farm or early industrial origin.

A mix of historically accurate and contemporary design and construction.  The catch all category for end tables, coffee tables and such. Everything handmade and totally unique pieces. In other words, the really fun stuff. 

Coffee, Console & Other.JPG

Coffee, Side & Console


Refined and higher finish materials but also historically accurate designs and materials.  ​Everything handmade, no stains, all original patina, wood peg and mortise and tenon joinery.

Contemporary & Art

Use of modern designs and some modern materials mixed with antique materials. Each piece unique and markedly different from other modern design furniture because of the use and juxtaposition of antique materials with the new. 


Formal & Traditional

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