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Coffee, Side, & Other Tables

A mix of historically accurate and contemporary design and construction.  The catch all category for end tables, coffee tables and such. Everything handmade and totally unique pieces. In other words, the really fun stuff.

 Rorison Primitive Sofa Table

Every generation blames the one before.


Mike + The Mechanics

From: In the Living Years

Included on this page are table  styles ranging from small kitchen and breakfast tables to console, formal, side, sofa and end tables. There is also some desks,  hunt boards and pub tables pictured.

 Rorison Primitive Sofa Table
3 - Johnson Kitchen Table
4 - Messer Ocassional Table

The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of this planet.


John F Kennedy

Table Top with Fruit Bowl
Brock Hunt Board
Charleston Chess Table
Other Table
Pub Top

If I am drunk and I ask you to stay the week... 

I don't mean it.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.


Author unknown

Watkins Chess Table
Clover Top Side Table
Stribling Accent Table

Don’t cling to your mistakes just because you spent a lot of time making them.



17 - Wallace
Other Table
Interior Table
Drawing Room
Accent Table
Temple Round Dining
Bridges Sofa Table

I myself am made entirely of flaws,

stitched together with good intentions.

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