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Contemporary & Art Tables

Furniture in modernist traditions. Made with historic materials.

Use of modern designs and some modern materials mixed with antique materials. Each piece unique and markedly different from other modern design furniture because of the use and juxtaposition of antique materials with the new.

2. Helton Nautical Table (42)bb.jpg
3. Helton Nautical Table3.  (32).jpg
4. Helton Nautical Table (8)b.jpg

Once in a century a man may be ruined or made insufferable by praise. But surely once a minute something generous dies for want of it. 

John Masefield

9. 2nd Mosaic (19).jpg

The oldest form of theater is the dinner table.  It’s got five or six people, new show every night, same players.  Good ensemble; the people have worked together  a lot.


Michael J Fox

V - Pedestal.jpg
V - Pedestal (1).JPG
V - Pedestal (20).JPG
Newman Outside Table (54).JPG

When god made artists he

made critics out of the chips.  


Oliver Wendell Holmes

Newman Outside Table (72).JPG
Glass Base Desk (1).JPG
Glass Base Desk (13).JPG
Glass Base Desk (17).JPG
The Swag (3).jpg
Swag Flex Room (39).JPG
The Swag (2).jpg
The Swag (7).jpg

You are beginning to understand, aren’t you? That the whole world is inside you: in your perspectives and in your heart. That to be able to find peace, you must be at peace with yourself first; and to truly enjoy life, you must enjoy who you are; and once you learn how to master this, you will be protected from everything that makes you feel like you can not go on, tha with this gift of recognizing yourself, even when you are alone, you will never be lonely. 

Patchman (9).JPG
Patchman (15).jpg
Patchman (5) copy.jpg
15. McCamy Highlands (1)b.jpg

Instead of thinking 

outside the box,

Get rid of the box. 

 Deepak Chopra 

The oldest form of theater is the

dinner table.  It’s got five or six 

people, new show every night, 

same players.  Good ensemble;

 the people have worked together  a lot.


Michael J Fox

16. Edmonson Trapazoid Table (14).jpg
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