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Farmhouse Tables

Historically accurate farm tables made from all antique materials -  handmade, no stains, all original patina, pegged,  mortise and tenon joinery. Much character and perhaps the best farm table available. One piece, one time at a time. 


While today many of us live in densely populated urban centers, there was a time when almost all of us lived in a rural farm setting.  There were literally hundreds of thousands of farms ranging from the splendor of Mount Vernon all the way to small subsistence farms of the South and the Mid-West. 

Half-Mile Table
M MacFarlane
Set Farm Table

The one common element between them was they all had a table where the daily meals were prepared. The wealthiest may have dined on finely made French and English furniture but somewhere vegetables were chopped, meat cleaved, and bowls of ingredients mixed and molded into a meal.  This was done on a farm table.

Table top with fruit bowl
Long Harvest Table
Hruska Farm Table
Magee Exterior Table

If a farmer intends to loaf all day, 

he is up early to get a good start.

McPhail Interior Table-Dining-Beam-Ceiling-Floor

Don’t worry about the horse being blind just, load the wagon.

Table top with glasses
Hamnes Table
Farm Table

For those of you  who have lost track of covid time, today is blursday the fourtyeenth  of maprilay

Farm Table, Glasses, Book
Board Granary Top

Our Farmhouse tables are all handmade to order. We use historically rich antique materials to make reclaimed furniture without removing the features that make each piece of wood unique. With the attention to detail from the process that requires extra sensitivity when working with antique material, our farmhouse tables capture history for everyday use.

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