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Trestle Tables

Keeping alive perhaps the oldest table design in the world. Antique tops from one to three inches thick. Numerous trestle designs borrowed from early Italian, French and Greek styles from primitive to the baroque . One piece, one time.

M Johnson (5).jpg
M Johnson (35).jpg

The trestle table is likely the worlds oldest table style. In the early medieval age in Europe everyone took meals with the Lord  in Great Hall of the manor. The tables were often a simple thick slab of wood placed across two “trestles”.  They were assembled for meals and taken down and moved to the side of the room afterwards.

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Historically, there are as many variations in this style table as there are stars in the sky and rarely were  two tables made the same.  This table appears in history all over the world.

3. Steve Best (5).jpg
9.Steve Best Trestle Table (15).jpg
Steve Best (3).JPG
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Art is to disturb the

comfortable and comfort

the disturb. 

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Elm Trestle 1 (43).JPG
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Don’t worry about the horse being blind just, load the wagon.

The Handmade Table handcrafts every trestle table to order. By not staining the wood we are able to capture the true history of each piece. Located in Knoxville, TN, owner David Grant travels all around the country to handpick antique wood used in custom farmhouse tables. 

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