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Meet Our Team:

Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges - Production

Chris is from the Chicago, Illinois area and spent many years in an apprentice program learning fine detail trim work. He lives close to Knoxville and commutes in so his wife can be near her work as a college English professor. Chris easily transferred his apprentice learning to furniture making and is among the best, most talented people in his field, anywhere.  What is made at The Handmade Table has multiple layers of difficulty stemming from the fact that we use antique materials. Because we strive to preserve the original patina of the wood that adds many variables to the materials selection process and requires extra sensitivity to everything which includes the ability to forecast what a piece will look like when it is completed. When Chris came here he never missed a beat in the transition and was running full steam in a matter of weeks. We are most fortunate to have him.

Bill Gibson

Bill Gibson - Shop Helper

Bill is our part time person that comes in when he gets bored with retirement or when we need an extra hand.  This is actually the second time we have worked together as he was one of the people that helped me set up my original shop space and also made some of our original pieces years ago.  We have kept in touch over the years and have remained friends for a long time.  He helps mostly in the finish room and occasionally in fabrication.

Eli Sanders - Studio Apprentice

Well I said Robert was our longest tenured person but I should qualify that somewhat.  Eli started working for me when he was 12 years old. He mowed my yard. Since he came here he has done every job we have and is one of those individuals that will gracefully do anything you ask him to do and never complain. He is an easy going guy that is a pleasure to be around and has given us that extra dependable hand and taken up slack for us just about everywhere. Everybody needs an Eli in their organization.

Eli Sanders

Team Members Not Pictured:

Elizabeth Grant - Head of Design

Isaac Sanders - Media Manager

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