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Made To Order

All Made to Order projects require us to have direct contact with you. This can be done by email if you prefer or by a phone call. If you email, please give us some high-level information about what you are seeking and we will get back to you quickly. Once your needs are understood we will submit a quote for your approval which will include the price, a detail description of what we are making and the completion and delivery dates. Upon receipt of the approval we will send you an invoice for typically one half of the total. Receipt of the initial payment will start the job and final payment is made upon approval of the completed and finished piece.

How To Order With Us

The majority of what we make in our shop is made to order to your specifications. However we do typically have an inventory of tables and other creations on hand that are ready to ship. If you would like to learn more, check out the options below, or call or email us at the information at the bottom of our page. 

We are currently working on a e-commerce capability for our customers and friends. Until that is accomplished please contact us via email. 

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