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Contemporary Walnut Top Table

Contemporary Walnut Top Table


n forestry terms the label of a Champion Tree has special meaning.  Champion trees, which are largely known and catalogued all over the country, are trees that are the largest, or one of the largest, and usually the oldest examples of a specific species.   While I can’t know for certain whether the wood that was used to make this table came from something that was a champion tree, I can speculate that the tree the boards came out of was a very large, perhaps of Champion size.  They certainly did not come from Home Depot. So more about this table.

It is made of walnut bords that have an extraordinary color to them.  There are elongated swirls of light and darker color that extend in some cases almost the entire length of the table.  The table is banded (see our Glossary of Terms) and has a Roman Ogee edge around it.


The base is a very interesting X-trestle design that Robbie in our shop came up with specially for this table.  The idea with the base was that the top was the real feature of this table so we did not want to make a base that would conflict with or draw attention to the base, verses the top.  Well, we failed at that task.  The base is extraordinary.  When the subject of how to finish the base, the decision was do something simple so it was painted black and we won-by-mistake again.  It was just the right thing to do.

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